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Looking for the property for sale!

Lets get a nice reward !



Become our real estate matchmaker.
  • Do you have neighbors who want to sell apartment, house or land?
  • Do you have friends, colleagues or clients who sell the property?
  • Do you know anyone like that? Give us your tips!
  • We are looking for real estate for sale in Bratislava and the surrounding areas.
  • Give us a tip to make a business and you will get a reward!
What properties are we looking for?
  • apartments from the smallest to the largest size
  • family houses in the city and in the village
  • buildings, lands, gardens, vineyards and others...

Surely you know someone from your area who sells your property.

Recommend us and get a reward!


Who can be our matchmaker?

Anyone can really be a matchmaker!

The most suitable candidates are people who have eyes open and know what is happening around them. Moms on maternity leave, seniors, postmen, hairdressers, bartenders....

When will you receive a reward?

If with your tip (recommendation) you will help to exclusively acquire a property for us, the given transaction will be realized and will end with a sale or with a rental.

Lets do it…