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In our flexible Real estate agency we work with enthusiasm. We prefer quality over quantity. We operate mainly in Bratislava and the surrounding areas, but we will not reject you even if you contact us from another region. Our satisfaction is, when our clients cooperate with us again and again.

We are glad to help you with:

  • Selling your property (a flat, a house, a land, a garden, a cottage, a non - residential space...)
  • Renting your property (a flat, a house, a non – residential space...)
  • Buyers/rental agent assistance

While working with the property, we use:

  • Professional photography
  • 3D virtual reality
  • Homestaging
  • Smart marketing
  • Easy to read Floor plan

We are a member of the Real Estate Union of Slovakia, whose services we use actively.

As a member of the Real Estate Union of the Slovak Republic, we follow the Real Estate Code:

  • Honesty / Expertise / Cooperation

Each member of the office acts honestly, in accordance with good manners and honest business dealings, always acting in his own name and on behalf of the business company he represents. He always provides services professionally, conscientiously and responsibly.

The Real Estate Union has a sophisticated system of cooperation between members, which includes clear rules of cooperation, a unique internal information system, supervision of correctness (disciplinary commission of the Real Estate Union of the Slovak Republic), the time of selling your property will be significantly shortened. Members will provide each other with information and save you from unnecessary inspections. Members of the Real Estate Union of the Slovak Republic must pass a professional exam. They are regularly trained and know how to protect you from frivolous buyers or speculators in the real estate market (we share the so-called Black List - a list of risky people from whom it is necessary to protect clients).

Members of the Real Estate Union use sophisticated internal systems and procedures:

  • how to correctly determine the selling price of real estate
  • how not to be subject to negotiating pressure
  • how to get the highest possible price for you from the sale or lease