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Legal service


Through our advocate we provide:

  • reservation contract
  • a contract for a future contract
  • purchase contract
  • lease agreement
  • revision of contract
  • submission of a proposal for a deposit in the real estate cadastre
  • authorization of signatures on the contract

By authorization we mean the writing of a contract for the transfer of real estate, finding out the identity of the parties of the contract, or their representatives, as well as the assessment of whether the contract does not contravene the law, does not circumvent the law, does not resist good morals, and last but not least, the assessment of whether the conclusion of the contract will not cause damage. Authorization will therefore provide you, as a client, with the maximum possible legal protection. The lawyer will confirm it in the so-called an authorization clause, which forms an integral part of the contract.



Advantages of authorization of contracts by lawyers:

  1. The authorization of a contract for the transfer of ownership by a lawyer replaces the certificate of signature with a notary. The lawyer verifies the identity of all parties of the contract and their representatives, by all available means, in order to be sure in this regard and to prevent possible fraud in connection with the transfer of real estate by unauthorized persons.
  2. The procedure for permitting the deposit of a contract authorized by a lawyer takes 20 days, otherwise it would take 30 days, so the decision of the administrative body will be issued faster and only 5 days later than the accelerated 15-day procedure for which the client would have to pay the correct fee of 200 € *.
  3. The lawyer shall explain to all participants the conditions in the contract and notify the parties to the contract of the payment terms of the purchase price agreed in the contract.
  4. The lawyer is insured in the event of damage in connection with the authorization of the contract on the transfer of real estate and is obliged to notify the parties to the contract of the amount of insurance coverage and the insurance company in which he is insured.
  5. Authorization of the contract protects the acquirer of the property (buyer). When the contract is authorized by a lawyer - it guarantees that the buyer will not fall victim to fraud.
  6. Simplified proceedings at the cadastre: the cadastral administration does not assess the authorized contract from a legal point of view, it only examines compliance with the cadastral register and the fulfillment of procedural conditions, and then decides on the authorization of the deposit.
  7. You can be sure that the contract has been drawn up by a law firm with full professional care and the cadastral proceedings will end in a shorter period of time and without unnecessary delays related to the suspension of the proceedings.


* Fees for the preparation of the contract and the submission of a proposal for a deposit in the cadastre are paid by the real estate agency. In the case of an accelerated deposit, the real estate agency pays € 66 and the client pays the remaining amount of the administrative fee of € 200.