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If you would like to know the market price of your property, please contact us here...



  • The proper price assessment of your property is most important and difficult during the sale.

  • If the price was set up to low and the property is sold after the first inspection, you will have a feeling, that you could sell your property for a higher price.

  • On the other hand, if the price is set to high, and is slowly reduced, because there is no buyers interest, it may cause an effect, that the property has some defect and is unpurchasable. Usually is sold for a lower price, as it could be sold by a right assessment at the beginning. 

  • Each property is specific with its own sparkle. Every professional real estate agent wants to see the property first before the correct price assessment. To have some photographs or information about the property is just not enough for setting the market price.



The price of the property depends on:


The location and surroundings

The key factor is the location. It matters, if your property is in the big city or on the countryside, in the industrial area or in the downtown. The parking is very important too.

The price of 2 the same apartments can be different in the same apartment house. The price is made by the apartment orientation, by the floor level, by the size of the balcony, by the view etc. The first and the last floor is usually a disadvantage and the apartments without the balcony or cellar as well. The properties having the view to the parks or silent places have the higher value.

The property type and conditions

The other important fact is the size of the property, the disposition, and the condition. The price may vary depends on the reconstruction of the property.

If you own the property in the old shape and you think about the reconstruction before the sale, please be aware, that most of the time you will not make any profit of it.

The actual market inquiry

The price may be increased by the shortage of the properties in the demanded locations. On the other hand, the prices are reduced by the high mortgage rates, so less people are qualified to purchase the property.

It is question of time

In the case, that your property is executed, and you need to sell fast, the price of your property must be lower than the other properties.

Also, if you need to sell your property to get money for the purchase of your new property and you are in the time stress, because the reservation contact was already signed, you will need to start with a lower price in comparison with the case, that you have enough time for sale.



If you like to know the market price of your property, please contact us through the form below: